Week 3 Homework – Science


In Science you have started your topic on Materials!

Have a look around your home and find objects that have different materials. What do you notice about them? What is different about them?

Perhaps you could sort and group the materials together or build a model house using different materials to see which one is the strongest?

3 comments on “Week 3 Homework – Science

  1. Hello,
    I found many material,
    I sent you a photo

  2. Hello Miss Travers & Ms Robertson

    I found lots of different materials in my home.

    I found metal – it was cold and hard.

    I found lots of fluffy toys – the felt fury and soft.

    I found plastic toys – they were hard and smooth.

    I found bumpy rubber balls – these were a bit squashy, smooth and bumpy.

    I found wooden toys and spoons – they are hard and you might get splinters from them.

    I think metal is the strongest.

  3. I’ve put plastic over here and the plastic is pink glue, a plastic sloth and plastic Easter egg. If a plastic goes into the sea it will die the fish out, you could recycling it. And then my chalk is all different colours and it feels chalky, it’s not strong because when you’re writing with it really long it comes off. This is an old, rusty leaf and the material of it is really not strong. There is roots in it and it’ also feels bumpy. And then I really wanted the next one because this pen is fluffy, it’s fluffy fabric and it’s a nice heart and it’s Also very strong because it a notebook and it doesn’t rip so you can put pictures on the paper.

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