Week 3 Homework – Science


In Science you have started your topic on Materials!

Have a look around your home and find objects that have different materials. What do you notice about them? What is different about them?

Perhaps you could sort and group the materials together or build a model house using different materials to see which one is the strongest?

13 comments on “Week 3 Homework – Science

  1. Hello,
    I found many material,
    I sent you a photo

  2. Hello Miss Travers & Ms Robertson

    I found lots of different materials in my home.

    I found metal – it was cold and hard.

    I found lots of fluffy toys – the felt fury and soft.

    I found plastic toys – they were hard and smooth.

    I found bumpy rubber balls – these were a bit squashy, smooth and bumpy.

    I found wooden toys and spoons – they are hard and you might get splinters from them.

    I think metal is the strongest.

  3. I’ve put plastic over here and the plastic is pink glue, a plastic sloth and plastic Easter egg. If a plastic goes into the sea it will die the fish out, you could recycling it. And then my chalk is all different colours and it feels chalky, it’s not strong because when you’re writing with it really long it comes off. This is an old, rusty leaf and the material of it is really not strong. There is roots in it and it’ also feels bumpy. And then I really wanted the next one because this pen is fluffy, it’s fluffy fabric and it’s a nice heart and it’s Also very strong because it a notebook and it doesn’t rip so you can put pictures on the paper.

  4. Hi Miss, I find paper, cardboard, glass, stainless, cotton. The difference is that cardboard is lighter than the stainless, glass if you drop it is break my cotton doesn’t. Some kind of plastic can stretch other kind of plastic are hard. I send you the picture of what I find and how I divide them in group.

  5. Miss Travers says:

    Well done Ruby-Mae, brilliant science work!

  6. We touched lots of materials in my house, like plastic, glass, metal and cotton. My mummy let me touch a metal spoon as soon as the dishwasher had finished. It was super hot, but the plastic and wooden spoons were just warm. Then my mummy put the same spoons in the freezer for a little while. When they came out the metal spoon was freezing and the wooden and plastic spoons just very cold not freezing.
    I don’t think that toys should be made out of glass!

  7. Miss Travers says:

    Sounds like you have been working very hard Luca, well done! Good idea to put the spoon in the freezer to see how cold metal can get!

  8. Hi – I found different materials. I got plastic, glass, wood, metal, paper, cardboard, and fabric. I built a tower and my strongest materials were plastic and metal.

  9. Miss Travers says:

    Well done Harlow, brilliant work!

  10. I’ve found a
    Wooden: is hard and strong and a brown colour: wooden brush, and some wooden sticks and some wooden floor. I made a small wooden house out of the wooden items.
    Plastic is soft and hard, Some is soft and squishy, plastic can be white, it can be rainbow colours, or it can be multicoloured like the Rubik’s cube: bathtub, plastic Rubik’s cube, plastic bag, plastic tangle teezer, a plastic pot of cream, cow cups,
    Metal: is hard too and cold and shiny, and the coins smell: keys, keychain, metal badge, brooch, 2 coins
    Paper – you can tear, so it can break easier than the others,, It can bend, it can twist and newspaper, magazine, books, puppets,
    wool: socks, cushions, jumpers, rug, puppets

  11. Miss Travers says:

    That’s brilliant Amber, you have found so many materials! Well done!

  12. Hi Miss Travers,

    I have found materials made of metal, like a spoon, made of wood like a table and lots of things made of plastic, like a duck toy and a cup. I have also found cork and silk. I have learned that cork comes from a tree and silk from a caterpillar. Some materials come from trees and some, like plastic, are made in factories.

  13. Miss Travers says:

    Well done! You have found so many materials! I know Mrs Avdiu will be impressed by all of your science knowledge!

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