Special Books

In our Religious Education books, we have been thinking about special books that have inspired us. Which book is most special to you and why?

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  1. A book that is special to me is from Michael Morpurgo and it is called ‘Private Peaceful’. It is special to me because it’s all about trust, courage and love and what it was like in WW2 , when the soldiers were fighting in the fields.
    It teaches us that we must always have courage,trust in your family and love others.

  2. My favourite book is Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (Youtuber name: Zoella). It’s a very good book about a young blogger called Penny but her secret identity is Girl Online. Penny outgrows friendships and makes new ones in which lie lots of secrets.

  3. I have a LOT of favourite books. However, recently I have read two books that are special to me. ‘ The Last Wild’ and ‘The Dark Wild’. They are special to me because they tell you about a different future. One where we have been so selfish we are blinded and follow anyone. It is also about great determination. How even a 12 year old can change the world and be smarter than most of us.

  4. A book that I like which I have recently purchased is ‘Stars’ by Antony Lishak. It is a very good book which is based on real people during WW2. It is about Jewish and Polish people who become friends but when war breaks out they don’t know what to do as one of the friends (Marcus) is Jewish and is asked to leave Poland.

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