Our new History topic this term is the Kingdom of Benin. This is a brand new topic for St. Vincent’s and we are the very first Year Sixes to be learning about this fascinating civilisation.

Read the questions below and answer them in the blog. I look forward to reading your responses.

1.       What would you like to find out during our topic?
2.       Are there any learning activities that you would like to try linked to the Kingdom of Benin?
3.       Do you already know an interesting fact about the Kingdom of Benin that you can share with the class?

9 comments on “Spring Topic: The Kingdom of Benin

  1. 1. I’d like to find out important dates at the time that would be interesting to discover. Also, if there were any battles or fights against other Europeans that longed to take over the Kingdom of Benin. Another thing I’d like to find out, what type of different culture food they might have eaten? Could it be the same thing they would eat now?

    2. The first thing I’d like to try is the different culture’s food and what they would have eaten before. I’d also like to take part in a (Virtual) tour around the British museum or any other museum to see all the exciting objects belonging to the kingdom of Benin, that England “Stole”.

    3. There used to be an Oba (the king) that acted the same role of a King , was worshipped (like the statues of the gods) and took the great responsibilities to take care of his kingdom. I know that by the 1800s Benin began to lose a lot of people and was invaded by the British that then stole all their belongings.


  2. Atticus ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• ) says:

    1.)I would like to find out about Benin’s historical features and lean what food the ate , what their houses were made of and their Kings.

    2.)I would like to make some artworks about the Obas and make some Benin jewellery.

    3)Benin facts: Benin had 11 kilometres of hand built earth walls. The depth of the moat around Benin was 6 meters deep! Benin had 40 guilds in the 1500. Last the population of Benin today is about 1.5 million people.

  3. Giordano y6 says:

    1) I would like to find out how Ada and Mbe survive through the forest.

    2) Maybe dancing and trying to say some words or sentences in that language.

    3)Unfortunately not but I will happily do some research about it!

  4. 1) I would like to find out what the children of Benin kingdom eat and drink, as well as popular dishes that were around at that time. I would also like to find out how they design their clothes and different patterns they use within it.

    2) I would like to design our own clothes based on the Benin kingdom.

    3) Benin has one of the largest collections of carved wood.
    Benin was once called Dahomey. In 1975, it first acquired the name Benin.
    When entering or leaving the room, it is considered respectful to shake everyone’s hand.

  5. 1) I would like to find out how they created their clothes or what food they ate. Also, I would like to know if the Kingdom Of Benin had any rival cities or countries which started wars and battles.
    2) I think we could try and make our own ideas of Benin food, or make some of the necklaces they made of coral. (Of course, we could use beads as we don’t have real coral.)
    3) The ancient kingdom of Benin which is around to be 2054 years old was thought as one of the richest and most powerful kingdoms in Nigeria’s history.

  6. ✨Emilie✨ says:

    I would like to find out about the dynasties, the kings who ruled at the time and what everyday life was like for citizens.

    2. I want to make a clay sculpture of a benin warrior (which we are doing)😀


  7. ✨Emilie✨ says:

    It was considered one of the richest and most powerful kingdoms in the history of Nigeria.

  8. I would like to find out who the Benin Bronzes belong to and how they got there in the first place.

    I would like to create some of the Benin plaques but with clay.

    In the Benin plaques most of the artists used triadic symmetry.
    Mudfish and leopards were a sign of power and resilience.
    The more coral beads you had, the more important you are to the Oba.
    The coral beads the Oba wears is called the bead of rule

  9. ⚡️Stella⚡️ says:

    1) • I would like to know why they changed from Ogiso to Oba.
    • I would like to learn more about a daily life in The Kingdom of Benin.
    • I would like to know about the geometry of Benin. (It’s water sources and the different villages there.
    More questions:
    Did they have Benin food?
    Were there any major battles which marked Benin forever?
    Did they have certain celebrations or do they now?
    What caused these celebrations?
    Do we have evidence of someone’s daily life, like writings or drawings?
    Who was the most famous Ogiso or Oba?

    2) I would like to have a go at cooking Benin food, designing clothes and things they used to wear, have a go at more of Benin art,learn some Edo language too!

    3) SURE!

    The Benin Kingdom was “one of the oldest and most developed states in the coastal hinterland of West Africa”. It was formed around the 11th century AD, and lasted until it was invaded by the British Empire in 1897. This was when the Benin Bronzes were stolen.

    French was introduced during the colonial period. For the majority of French speakers in Benin, it was the second language. It is important to know French to get an important and good position or work in the cities in general. Later on, it was the official language.


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