The Romans

Our very first topic for Year 4 is the Romans!

The Roman army was the largest fighting force in the ancient world.

What do you think life was like in the Roman army?

What else would you like to find out about the Romans?

7 comments on “The Romans

  1. I would like to learn how the Romans built their armour and how long they have to train.

  2. I would like to learn about how the Romans lived. As in there lifestyle and how they got taught..! 😀

  3. I would like to to know how Roman soldiers made their shields and helmets.P.S I wonder what it was like being a Roman soldier?

  4. In the Roman army I think that it would have been adventurous because they were traveling and trying to invade other countries. I also think it was quite dangerous because the other army would have been threatening them with death. At school I would like to research a famous Roman soldier (if there is one).

  5. I want to learn about Roman leaders and how Romans got
    chosen to become solders.

  6. When I realised our first topic was going to be all about Romans, I was so exited. Yes, I know the Roman army was one of the biggest armies in the whole world or maybe it wasn’t the biggest army in the whole wild world-just the only one. In a Roman army you would have to work really, really hard.I think the Roman’s should have been really clever because they were the ones who made those javelins that bend when they hit an enemy’s shield so that they would have to throw away their shield than this would make it easier for them to win battles. They were really brave and confident.

  7. I think the Romans were very smart since if we go back they knew how to entertain without computers and TV’s and phones! I think that is just so cool and really awesome since they made up there own games and watched bullfighting (which to clarify I think is AWESOME!). But I also think that their clothing and ways to deal with medical treatment is really smart since from that time we all took an idea from that and know ‘A Cold’ in the olden days was probably a big deal but now it’s common! Clothing, I think has improved A LOT since girls used to wear cloth and make it into a dress while boys wore white cloth and covered it around themselves. While now we know what pants are and t-shirts which would have helped a lot in BC but yeah! I think that if we put our minds to it we could get a lot more facts and that could be really nice for this topic!

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