There is a Human Rights Act- should there be an Animal Rights Act? If so, what should it say?

Every week during our project ‘Freedom’ we are going to post a question for you to discuss. We hope that you will share your opinion and explain why you think this. Whether you agree or disagree with other people’s opinions, remember that Article 12 of the Convention for the Rights of the Child states: ‘You have the right to give your opinion’.

6 comments on “There is a Human Rights Act- should there be an Animal Rights Act? If so, what should it say?

  1. I think that there should be an Animal Rights Act because animals should be treated fairly, just like us. I think the act should say that animals cannot be abandoned if they are someones property, instead they should be taken to an animal shelter.

  2. I think there should be an Animal Rights Act because some people treat animals unfairly. These are my suggestions:
    No experiments should be tested on animals without a licence. Nothing should be done to animals involing anything that might cause a risk to the animals health.
    If an animal is treated badly people have the right to report and to have a fair trial if needed.
    People have to let animals have freedom. Police and other social services have the right to check if animals are being treated with a balanced diet and care, in places like circuses.

  3. Thank you for your interesting opinions, Topaz and Hania. There is actually an Animal Welfare Act which covers some of the issues above, but is this the same as an Animal Rights Act? Topaz has said that animals have the right to be treated fairly, just like humans. What does everyone else think?

  4. I think there should be an Animal Rights Act because so many animals are not being treated as fairly as human beings are. No animal should be used to test medicines or any products that humans use, this is beacuse if new prouducts are being tested on animals and they are unknown, it can kill or make those animals sick or ill. Just like Topaz said, every animal has the right to be treated fairly. Even though they might have some different genesis than humans,they all have the right to be free and have FREEDOM!

  5. Olaf Year 2 says:

    You always need to care about animals. You also need to be good to them. Animals can be very gentle so you need to be careful.

  6. I strongly believe that there should be Animal Rights Act because, just like us, animals are God’s creatures and they should have the right to live a happy life. Here are some of the rules which, I think, should be integrated for wild animals in zoos:

    Firstly, the place were they live should be at least 10 times bigger than themselves because they need room to feel comfortable;

    Furthermore, they should be well fed and not be transformed into “pets” in case they are put back in the wild;

    In addition to this, animals in zoos should make regular trips to their homeland.

    In conclusion, I think some rules should be in stored for wild animals being held in captivity in zoos because I don’t think they enjoy it and they should have more rights.

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