Week 7 Homework – History

In History this half term we have been learning about toys past and present. We have also learnt to use words and phrases, such as:


when I was younger

a long time ago

before I was born.

We have been wondering whether the toys we play with now are the same as when our parents and grandparents were children. Perhaps you could make a timeline of toys from the past (before now) to now (the present). 

This is called chronology – the order of events in history.

7 comments on “Week 7 Homework – History

  1. Miss Jones says:

    Well done Maya for completing your home learning tasks today! I can see you have been working hard with your spellings! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Miss Jones says:

    Great home learning work Phillipa! You have tried really hard with your money skills! 🙂

  3. When my mum was younger she played with the music toy and the teddy. Before I was born my sister played with the baby. When I was younger I played with the doctor game but I still play with that because I like it so much,I want t to be a nurse. I sen you pictures.

  4. Miss Jones says:

    Well done for completing your timeline Ruby-Mae! It is so interesting finding out about toys from the past 🙂

  5. Hi Miss, Juliana enjoyed putting together a timeline of toys, she used her mummy’s cuddly toy from when she was a child, it has been around for a very long time 🙂
    We have sent you a picture.

  6. Miss Jones says:

    Super timeline Juliana! You have included some key words to share your old and new toys. Well done 🙂

  7. Miss Jones says:

    Super timeline Constanza. I can see you have put the toys in order from old to new. Can you notice any differences between the toys? 🙂

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