Wild Weather!

Our new topic this term is called Extreme Earth and Wild Weather!

It is going to be an exciting and interesting topic!

The weather changes all the time and differs all around the world.

What do you already know about wild weather events from around the world?

Can you share any fascinating facts? Or do you have any questions about the topic that we could investigate as a class?


5 comments on “Wild Weather!

  1. Did you know?
    A record heatwave in California in 2017 turned grapes into raisins before they were picked from the vine?

  2. The weather can be very wild! Did you know that the USA is a country the most affected by tornados? It faces on average 1200 tornados per year!

  3. Wow! But heatwaves are not always positive. In summer 2003 in France a big heatwave killed 15000 people! Mostly were weak, like old people.

  4. Did you know that there can be as many as 40,000 thunderstorms each day around the world?

  5. So many facts!
    I have one…
    In Mexico there is a Volcano that seems close to erupting, if it does, it’ll spread about 25,000 miles (not very long) but it’ll kill so many people!

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