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Hello everyone.

I have been looking at the blogs and see that you have been working very hard. Well done all of you!

Although if you are thirsty for more the WWF have a great campaign,” Learn to Love Nature”, with some excellent daily activities. Last week the focus was on Coastal Seas, and this week it will be Forests. All you need to do is find I think you will find it very interesting. Let me know if you try any activities, find out any new information or have any ideas about how we can all all learn to love nature more.

I am being as green as possible, I’m sure that you all are too.

I hope that you and your families are well and staying safe.

Mrs Knowler

5 comments on “WWF Love Nature

  1. Thank you for the website Miss Knowler! I really miss our Green Team meetings!

  2. Mrs Knowler says:

    So do I Charles, thank you. I hope the activities are useful.

  3. Mrs Knowler says:

    Green Team I had a really lovely email from Paul. They wished us all the best and outlined their environmental actions. I will share it with you when we get back. Sadly none of the other companies that we sent to have contacted me so far. Maybe we will when things return to normal.
    I hope you are all well.

  4. Hello Mrs Knowler, I watched the jungle and the coastal water videos. I learnt that we are fishing too much and all the fish may disappear and so the sharks will have nothing for dinner , except those that eat plankton.

    I enjoy the green team.

  5. Mrs Knowler says:

    Jacob I am so glad you enjoyed watching the videos. The WWF work really hard to tell people about what is happening in our oceans and jungles.
    I have worried about the amount of fish we eat too. I think it is good that people like you really care and can pass on all of the information to other people. I can’t wait to have Green Team together again. Thank you Jacob for being a dedicated member.

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