Year 5 Enterprise Week

Year 5, we have made £89.40 this week selling our pompastic pom pom merchandise!

Please let us know what you would like to spend this money on below…

4 comments on “Year 5 Enterprise Week

  1. This was a very successful week because we all worked as a team and we made a lot of money!
    I would like to spend part of funds on more Greek mythology books since they are full of interesting stories. Also, Greek mythology is one of our topics in year 5.

  2. This was an amazing and brilliant week because we learnt how working together we can make huge successes!
    I would like to spend our money on more Invaders and Settlers factual books because we are learning about them in year 5, and I hope they will teach us some more facts about Invaders and Settlers .

  3. Great ideas from the whole class led to us raising nearly £90…incredible!
    I would like to spend this money on Tales of Norse Mythology as I would like to learn more about our brilliant topic , Invaders and Settlers, which we are currently studying.

  4. I really enjoyed Enterprise Week and well done to the whole class for making such incredible pom poms 😜.
    I would like to spend the money we earned on some books about space as this is our new Science topic.

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