A message to St. Vincent’s

First of all… congratulations! You have made it to the Half Term Holiday and what an unusual six weeks it has been!

Well done for staying active during these winter months-I have been so impressed by your positive attitudes and it has been brilliant to see so many of you completing the weekly and daily challenges, the PE sessions with Lord’s and the PE sessions with our Sports Ambassadors. 

To say well done and thank you, I want to share with you a special message from Ellie Rattu-Ellie is a Netball player who plays for London Pulse Netball Super league Team and England Under 21s . 


This inspiring athlete was so impressed to hear about your hard work and determination over the past 6 weeks that she wanted to record a special message for you. Thank you to Ellie and well done to you all! 


I hope you manage to stay active over the Half Term Holiday as there are so many benefits! 

Why should we keep active?

  • It helps us to sleep better
  • It gives us more energy
  • It makes us stronger
  • It helps our heart to become healthier
  • It can help us to feel less anxious and worried
  • It makes us happier-exercise releases endorphins, a natural chemical that makes us feel good!


As you can see, there are so many benefits to keeping active not to mention how fun it is!


If you would like to share a message with Ellie, write it in the comments below 🙂

  • Are you inspired to become an athlete like Ellie?
  • Why do you like to stay active?
  • How do you feel after exercising?
  • What are you going to do to stay active during Half Term?


8 comments on “A message to St. Vincent’s

  1. That was a really nice comment, Thank you Ellie!

  2. Thank you so much Ellie! 😊

  3. Thank you Ellie

  4. *+...Elsa...+* says:

    Thank you so much Ellie! It was lovely to see this! Thank you again!

  5. Thank you Ellie👍

  6. Thank you Ellie !

  7. Yes, Thank you Ellie! It is so inspiring!

  8. Miss Gorick says:

    I’m pleased that you enjoyed Ellie’s message!

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