This week, to enhance our learning about our class topic ‘People Who Help Us,’ we invited a police officer into school. We had a special discussion time to develop our communication and language skills. We were able to ask questions, share our own experiences and find out more about the role of a police officer.

Wet met PC Jonathan who is our local community police officer. He talked to us about his job and the important things he has to do. He showed us the equipment that he carries on his belt and we got to try on his hat and have a look at the handcuffs that police officers have to use sometimes! We learnt some new vocabulary including radio, camera and handcuffs.

PC Jonathan reminded us of the important number we must call in an emergency! It is 999! PC Jonathan was able to answer our interesting questions which helped us find out more about the police.

After our discussion time we got to go outside and look at the special police car PC Jonathan drives! We each had a turn at sitting inside the police car and looked at all of the special buttons at the front of the car that turn on the flashing lights and siren. It was very exciting!

A special thank you to PC Jonathan for coming into school today to help us with our learning.

4 comments on “A visit from a Police Officer

  1. Coco (reception) says:

    I loved when the police came to visit because we got to sit in PC Jonathan’s car. My favourite bit was when we could try the hat on and sit at the back and the front of the car. 🥰😘

  2. Alexandra Y3 🥰😍❤ says:

    I think it’s so cool that you all got a chance to sit in the police car. That is so fun!

  3. I liked going into the police car, it was so much fun because we got to pass around the handcuffs. I loved wearing the big hat and learning what the police do. 🚓👮🏽👮🏽‍♀️🦄😍

  4. I think Police officers are so cool. I even had a police costume when I was little. And I think that you are so Lucky to meet one.

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