Anti-Bullying Week

This week is Anti-Bullying Week!

As a class Reception have been thinking about how our words and actions can make others feel. Reception have been really thinking about the importance of being kind, and how we should treat others how we wish to be treated ourselves.

The theme for Anti-Bullying week this year is ‘United Against Bullying’. We have read stories such as Mr. Big, Giraffes Can’t Dance and The Proudest Blue and thought about why the characters in these stories are different to those around them, but it should not mean that they have to feel sad. As we read, Reception thought about how the words and actions of people around them are making them feel this way just because they are different. Differences are to be celebrated because it is this why we are all so special.

On Odd Socks Day we discussed why we were wearing different looking socks, and Reception learnt that it is a symbol for how we are all unique because we are all different and made exactly the way we are by God. Reception then designed and decorated their own odd socks, thinking about all the different colours and patterns they believe reflects them as individuals, and how boring it would be if we were all the same!!


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