Building a model of the Colosseum-D.T.

This week Year 4 made models of the Roman Colosseum in D.T.! They really enjoy getting up and about and working in teams to build their Colosseum. The children then presented their work to the rest of their class before evaluating their projects. Have a look at Year 4’s hard work in the picture gallery below!

Very well done Year 4!


3 comments on “Building a model of the Colosseum-D.T.

  1. I really enjoyed the lesson my mum thought it looked amazing everyone’s colosseums looked amazing some of them have a lot of detail well done

    Ethan Aiden and my little sister Erin.

  2. I really like the lesson because I like art and I thought it was amazing.

  3. Gabriella grace Anne and genesis mia says:

    I loved making colosseum’s they are really fun to make. Everyone’s colosseum’s looked great and amazing. I enjoyed making the colosseum with my group it was difficult to stick together but i still managed.

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