Busy Builders

As usual the summer holiday period is being used to complete lots of essential building works.

St. Vincent’s School

Whilst there are no pupils on site, scaffolding has been erected in the courtyard so that we can carry out important maintenance works to the facade of the building- brickwork, windows and pipes. Although you may not notice a difference when you return to school, this is a big job and will take the full six weeks to complete.

St. Vincent Street

At present the road outside the school has been completely dug up and looks like a big hole! This is for important electrical works to the area.

Next week public realm works should start on the other end of St.Vincent Street to pedestrian the road so it looks more attractive (similar to Marylebone Lane) and is safer for us to walk on. We really hope this job will be completed by the time we return as it is very noisy work.

Thank you to all the busy builders working during our school holidays to improve our school and the street outside.

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