Reception have been enjoying learning all about their new topic ‘Seasons!’

This week we spent some time learning about each season; Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.’ We developed our understanding of the effect of changing seasons in the natural world around us.

We each sent in a photo of us in the outdoor environment during a different season of our choice. We developed our vocabulary by discussing the changes in weather and by talking about the different environments. 

In groups, we played a matching game where we had to choose different pictures of objects, weather and items to match the correct season. We enjoyed sharing our own experiences during this activity.

We also made a colourful seasons display in class to help us remember the changing seasons. We created some lovely artwork to represent each of the seasons!

Reception, what season do you like best?

One comment on “Changing Seasons!

  1. I like summer the best because it is so hot and sunny. We get to go to the beach and play in the sea. 🩴🦄 🏖️

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