Class 6 celebrate V.E. Day!

It was the 8th May, 1945, in Class 6 this week as we celebrated the end of our World War II project with a fantastic V.E. Day party. Along with many of our parents and relatives, very special guests included: P.M. Winston Churchill; former P.M. Neville Chamberlain; A.R.P. wardens; land girls; the courageous Dambusters crew; the famous author and pilot Roald Dahl; evacuee children, their mum and cat; General Charles de Gaulle and French resistance members; Cecile Witherington, the heroic spy; Admiral Sir Andrew Browne Cunningham and even the King, his wife and Princess Elizabeth!

Guests enjoyed a range of authentic World War II food cooked according to rationing guidelines, music and a vigorous Lindy Hop dance. We all had great fun and, in the words of one guest, it was, ‘one of the best celebrations I have ever seen!’