Miss Nouailhetas – Deputy Headteacher for the Day!

Today Jade was Deputy Headteacher for the day! She was a superb Deputy and thoroughly enjoyed her day. Please read her newsletter below to find out more.


Miss Nouailhetas – Deputy Headteacher for the Day!

I was really excited to discover that I was going to be the Deputy Headteacher for the day! The night before the big day, I prepared myself by getting a smart outfit ready. My first task of the day was to walk around the courtyard and introduce myself to everyone as Miss Nouailhetas, St Vincent’s new Deputy! Although I enjoyed speaking to the children before school, I also felt slightly nervous about the day ahead.

During my morning meeting with Mrs Duffy, I was happy to find out that one of my tasks would involve spending £50 on school resources. I thought carefully about how to allocate the money, I finally decided to spend half the money on reward stickers and captain armbands for our school Sports Ambassadors and the other half on pencil rubber tops. I hope you’ll agree that I made some very wise choices.

Next, it was my favourite part of the day as I got a sneaky preview of the KS1 Nativity. It was really enjoyable and I especially liked the singing. I also got to deliver the Thank You speech to all of the children and teachers, everybody told me I did a good job.

After a morning of hard work I was excited about having a quick break in the staffroom.  My busy day continued with lesson observations of all the classes. My favourite lesson was in Nursery where they were learning about sounds and identifying the first letter in their names. Well done Nursery, you were excellent! I look forward to giving teachers their individual feedback.

After that, it was time for me to sample the school lunches and check that they were ready. I enjoyed the tasty chicken curry. I think the rest of school enjoyed it as they all finished their lunches too.


Overall I had a very fun day and I enjoyed working with Mrs Duffy.  Thank you!