This half term Year 3 have been working hard on their D.T topic Structures: Constructing a Castle.


In our first lesson we looked at a range of different castles to familiarise ourselves with their key features: curtain wall, battlements, towers, draw bridge, moat, gate house and flag. Once we were familiar with castles and their layout we drew our own designs and labelling each feature. In our next lessons we thought about how multiple shapes (2D and 3D) are combined to form a strong and stable structure.Β 

Before we could begin the making, we createdΒ  our design sheets. We designed our castles carefully the thinking about our intended audience which is Reception to help them with their English learning about traditional tales which often features castles. Once we had drawn our final design with all of the features we learnt about in the previous lesson we completed a design specification to appeal to the purpose of my castle. Our first specification explained that our castle needed to be stable as castles are strong structures and our models will be use by Reception which means they need to withstand being used. The next specification was to use a range of 3D nets as well as other materials to create a strong structure. Finally, we thought carefully about the materials and colours that we will use to ensure our castles are attractive and appealing.


For the making part of our project Year 3 looked at a range of different nets and practiced cutting these out along the bold lines, folding crisply along the dotted lined and sticking them together using glue to make a range of different 3D geometric shapes. Once we had some shapes ready we built the base of our castles and began to select a range of different materials to construct a castle which was strong, stable and include all of the features.


Next week we will be completing our castles and evaluating our final product against our design specifications!

What has been your favourite part of our Constructing a Castle project?

10 comments on “D.T. in Year 3

  1. My favourite part was making the castle, because I liked cutting it and sticking the parts together.

  2. Alexandra Y3 says:

    I liked cutting, folding and sticking the 3D nets to make roofs and towers. Thank you teachers for organising this fun activitiy.

  3. WOW!!! That looks so cool! I wish I could be in Year 3 again.

  4. Florence Y3🌈 says:

    I liked making the towers and battlements even though I worked so hard for cutting them. To say it was harder than I expected!πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  5. I loved making the castles. Thank you to all the teachers for organizing it.

  6. James Year 5😁 says:

    The castles look amazing!
    I hope year 3 enjoyed making them!
    You figured out the packaging needed for your castles.
    I wish you the best in DT Year 3!

  7. Florence Y3🌈 says:

    Thank you teachers for planning this out!

  8. I love what you made y3!!! I am so sure you worked so hard.

  9. I loved making castles even though the classroom looked very messy! I think that our castle had a lot of flags ! Thank you for organising it !

  10. I ❀️ doing d.t. A specially when it’s working together!

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