Design and Technology and Disco dancing!

We have had such a fun day in school!

Earlier this week we designed our own puppets. We decided that it must be a hand puppet. Today we made them! First we cut around the template. We then joined two pieces of material together using glue and added finishing techniques.

Have a look at the photos of the process and the final product.We hope you enjoy playing with them at home!

This afternoon we had a disco! We even got popcorn! It was so fun and definitely a day to remember.

Well done Year 1!

3 comments on “Design and Technology and Disco dancing!

  1. These are super photos! What a lovely day you’ve had Year 1! Thank you Miss Travers, Ms Robertson and Ms Rosellini xx

  2. Michelle Walsh says:

    You guys all did an amazing job well done so proud of ye x

  3. Adelaide Pereira says:

    Fabulous creations year 1!
    Disco dancing and art, super! Thank you for giving the kids a great day to remember 🙂

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