During our shared reading sessions, we have been reading The Book of Bears by Katie Viggers.

This is a fantastic non-fiction book, that has taught Year 1 so much about different bears all over the world! This links in nicely to our current Geography topic too, as we are looking closely at world maps, to see what continents and countries the bears live in.

Whilst reading this book, we have so far looked closely at Brown Bears, and American Black Bears. We have been learning all about where the bears live, what they eat and how large they grow. In addition to this, Year 1 have been researching into the different climates the bears live in, how they have adapted to their climate and how the climate may have been affected by global warming.

Today, we have been learning all about Giant Pandas! We have read all the facts about Giant Pandas together as a class, and then completed work answering questions about these facts. Year 1 enjoyed looking at the pages together and helping their peers spot the different facts. We discussed why Pandas are rare, and close to being endangered due to their diet of bamboo which only grows in specific areas in the world, and is not very nutritious so makes them very lazy and tired!!  Additionally, we learnt that the bamboo forests are also being affected by deforestation, which affects the areas Giant Pandas can live and bring up their cubs.

Next week we are going to be focusing on Polar Bears, and creating their first non-fiction piece of writing – a fact file!

Year 1 have really enjoyed reading this non-fiction book, and learning about so many different bears, countries and new vocabulary!

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