Equipment Bags!

Here at St. Vincent’s we understand and value the importance of staying active. The impact of lockdown and now with days getting shorter means that many of us are finding it harder to keep active.

Therefore, we wanted to come up with an idea to help! As a school we have worked closely with QPR for many years and we really value our partnership so for the past month the team at QPR have been helping us put together an ‘Equipment Bag’ for every one of you. Today, each of you will have received your own equipment bag containing: a skipping rope, 2 cones, a ball and a beanbag!

These equipment bags are being loaned to you meaning you must look after the equipment and return it if you leave the school!

On Google Classroom, you will now see a ‘PE Classroom’ and each week, QPR will post a video with a weekly challenge. You must complete this challenge daily (using your own equipment) and upload your scores onto your score sheet. On Friday, look out for the special guest!


You will find your weekly challenge in your ‘PE Classroom’ on

We really hope that you enjoy having your own sporting equipment to help you keep active at home and we look forward to seeing who is at the top of the leader board each week!

Good luck St. Vincent’s!

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  1. Thank you very much for suppling us with such great equipment- I will be sure to do the challenges every week

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