In Reception this week, we started our new class topic…

We learnt that jungles can be found all around the world. Jungles are very overgrown with lots of tangled plants. Jungles are very hot. It rains a lot there too. Lots of different plants grow in the jungle. We looked at different pictures of the jungle environment and learnt some new vocabulary. 

We then explored animals that live in the jungle. We learnt some interesting facts about elephants, chimpanzees, snakes, parrots, monkeys and tigers.

Did you know…

-Asian elephants have long trunks that they use to pick up food.

-Chimpanzees live in lots of African countries. They are very clever! They eat fruit, plants and small animals.

-Macaws are the biggest type of parrot.

After finding out some interesting facts, we painted our own jungle animals. We looked carefully at some pictures of the animals and tried hard to include key features and colours. 

After painting our jungle animal, we wrote an interesting fact. We used some fact books to help us. 

We made a fantastic class display to show all of our creative work!

Reception, do you remember any other interesting facts we learnt this week about jungle animals?

4 comments on “Understanding the World: Exploring ‘The Jungle’

  1. We learned that ostriches eat mangoes, they have pink feet and legs and a pink face. Gorilla’s bang their chests, they are really big and black. Boy gorillas have a silver back. We also learned that jaguars coats are yellow and black and they are fast.

  2. I love learning about the jungle, because it was so much fun. i painted a gorilla. i enjoyed all the animals we done too. well done reception.

  3. I LOVED everything

  4. Zeyn Yr1 says:

    wow reception, looks like you been busy this week!

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