Arcimboldo Art

Our book of the week is, ‘I will not ever never eat a Tomato,’ by Lauren Child which got us talking about vegetables that we already like to eat and those that we would like to try.

We looked closely  at a painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo* and talked about the fruits and vegetables that he had painted to create a painting of a face.


Later some of us chose to create some faces of our own using food from the home corner.

Next we each created  a face using real vegetables and talked about the vegetables that we had used.

Finally we will eat the delicious vegetables and  hopefully find some new ones that we like to eat!


*The sixteenth century Italian artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527 – 1593), is famous for his extraordinary series of portraits in which the facial features of his sitters are portrayed as arrangements of fruit, vegetables, flowers, fish and other objects.