German with Frau Siswick

Year 4 have loved having German lessons with Frau Siswick this term! We have been learning to respond to the question: ‘Woher Kommst Du?’

Last week the class learnt how to say all of the countries members of our class and teachers come form.

We filled in a grid with the names of people who come from each country and it was fantastic to see all of the wonderful places that are special to us. 

This week Year 4 applied their learning to describe where different members of their family and friends come from. 

We learnt the verb ‘komme’ and discussed the differences between masculine and feminine forms of ‘mein’.

Well done for being so enthusiastic to speak in German and a big thank you to Frau Siswick for organising such brilliant lessons for us.

Hopefully we can welcome you back into our classroom soon!

2 comments on “German with Frau Siswick

  1. penelope says:

    We had so much FUN !!!!

  2. It was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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