Google Classroom Help Guides

Well done to everyone for working so hard on their classwork on Google Classroom. We are all learning how to use it together and will continue to share guides and help sheets so that you know what to do.

Here is a step by step guide written by a Year 6 pupil about how to use Google Classroom: Instructions for Google Classroom

Some people have asked for more specific video instructions and so please see the video guides below for using Google Classroom:

This is the general guide for Google Classroom.


This guide talks through how to hand in work.

Lots of children commented that it doesn’t always say ‘hand it’ and so this video shows that you want to look for the ‘turn in’ button first. It also shows how to upload a new file which is helpful for sending in photos of children’s work.

This guide talks through Google Meet.

This includes the ‘you can’t set up a meeting’ message, muting yourself and tips for during a live Google Meet session.

If you need any more help or advice with using Google Classroom, please write in the comments below and I will reply to try and help!

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