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This morning we were pleased to have our very first virtual Green Team meeting. Our members for this year are:

Year 6 – Gabriella, Jeanne and Sebastiao,

Year 5 – Stella and Pablo,

Year 4 – Reuben and Samuel,

Year 3 – Albert and Catherine,

Year 2 – Louise and Jacob,

Year 1—Sophia and Moses.

It was a great opportunity to meet each other. We discussed what we would like to do and what we would like to see over the coming school year. There have been some fabulous ideas. Here are a few quotes from our members:

“I wanted to join Green Team because animals are getting caught up in the trash.”

“I want to do something to stop cars driving and less pollution.”

“I think we eat too much meat and we should be eating more vegetables.” “The air around us needs to be better.”

Over the coming weeks we will be focussing on these and other issues (World Food Day, air quality, how the Green Police are going to work . . .) Next week we will be discussing the school environment.

If anybody wants to comment on any of our news feeds, you are more than welcome. We are looking forward to working together with each other as a team, and with you, our St Vincent’s family.

Keep watching this face for our news and where you can get involved.


One comment on “Green Team News

  1. Julia G Year 5 says:

    Thank you for making our school a very pleasant place! Your hard work is paying off!

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