Green Team News

Green Team have been hard at work re-building our roof garden this term. We have bought a small greenhouse, planters, a bench and potting table and have been busy planting a range of herbs and flowers and some vegetables including peas, carrots and tomatoes. We have also created our own recycled welly-boot planters! There is still a lot of work to do but hopefully by next year, we will be growing lots more of our own vegetables. Thank you to our fantastic S.V.P.A. for helping us to buy all of our new equipment.

It is very important to grow plants. Firstly, it is fun to do gardening and the vegetables that we grow will taste good! Plants also provide a habitat for all kinds of creatures. So far, we have seen spiders, ants, snails (lots), bees, caterpillars, centipedes and woodlice. Finally plants are also very important for our health because they create oxygen.