St Marylebone Dance Performance

Years 5 and 6 were very privileged to be able to watch a performance by the Marylebone Dance Company. We watched a range of impressive dances performed by students from different year groups in St Marylebone School and we were particularly excited to see a former St Vincent’s pupil, Ruby, onstage!

Afterwards, we were able to ask the dancers and their teachers some questions about performing, auditioning and choreographing. Helpful advice included “Never give up, believe in yourself and keep trying, even if you fail”, “When you are onstage, focus on what you are doing, rather than the audience”, “Take some deep breaths before you perform” and  “Practise- a lot!”. All of this advice will certainly come in handy for Year 6  when they perform their show!

Thank you to the Marylebone Dance Company for a memorable experience.