#HelloYellow in Year 4!

Year 3 are feeling very sunny today as they all came in wearing yellow in support of World Mental Health Day.

We started the day discussing why mental health is so important. That we all have lots of feelings and it is important to share how we are feeling in order to feel supported and get help. It’s normal to have ups and downs – and this year might have felt a little more down than up. We’ve all had worries about school, feeling alone, stress at home and uncertainty about the future. But things can get better. Saying #HelloYellow this World Mental Health Day is a little thing we can do to make a BIG difference to young people’s mental health.

We were all set a challenge to try and spread joy and kindness to others to try and brighten up their day. We then did some breathing exercises to help our bodies feel more calm. We then spent some time reflecting on the past year and identifying how we felt at different point and created a montage to show this.

In class, we already talk about our feelings lots but today has helped us to remember to talk about them more. We all have adults in school and at home we can talk to and know how to use the worry box if we would rather write something down.

Happy Hello Yellow Day to you all!

3 comments on “#HelloYellow in Year 4!

  1. It was really fun and I liked the activites😂

  2. Sophia b Y4 says:

    I really liked hello yellow day since we got to do lots of different breathing techniques.💖

  3. I really like hello yellow because we got to do a lot of fun things and most of us got to wear yellow to celebrate and got to do a lot of yellow stuff⭐️

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