House Points

House points will now form our lunchtime and P.E. reward system at St Vincent’s. It encourages a team ethos across the school and allows children of all ages to have a common goal.

Every child, from Nursery to Year 6, is a member of one of our four houses: St George, St Patrick, St Andrew and St David.

House points are given out by midday supervisors and by teachers during P.E. lessons / events as a recognition of achievement by individual children. They will include things such as:

  • Being polite and well-mannered
  • Displaying good table manners
  • Sensibly transitioning between the lunch hall and playground
  • Showing respect to all adults and children
  • Good sportsmanship skills e.g. leading a team, working well within a group and showing respect to the opposing team.

When a child earns a house point they will collect a house point token and add it to their house token bucket in the school hall.

Once a term, the house captains will count the tokens and add them to the display in Mrs Duffy’s office. The winning house will be awarded with a Top Table experience at lunch.