Safer Internet Day 2019

Safer Internet Day 2019 is reminding us about the importance of consent.

Consent means giving permission. When we are online, we need to make lots of choices, and give others a chance to make their own choices. We need to ask for permission for somethings and give permission for others. We need to respect the decision that people make, even if it isn’t what we wanted.

Our assemblies today helped us to recognise the importance of this. In KS1 and EYFS, we remembered that we must always ask an adult if we are ever unsure and practised different ways to ask for help. In KS2, we thought about giving permission in games and to our friends. We realised the different ways we could be accidentally sharing personal details of both ourselves and others if we don’t ask for permission first.

Our school website has lots of advice on online safety, so make sure you have a look for all the up to date information: