This week in our ‘Understanding of the World’ topic we explored different materials!

We started by explaining the definition of the word ‘material’. We felt lots of different objects around us (e.g. our clothes, the carpet, chairs) and discovered that everything was made of different stuff. This stuff is called materials! We then looked at four main types of materials; glass, wood, plastic and metal. I showed different examples of these materials that we could find in the classroom.

  • Glass was in the windows and our door
  • Wood was on my chair, the desk and cupboards
  • Plastic made up our waterbottles, Lego and lots of other toys
  • Metal made up some of our cooking equipment and out interactive whiteboard

Once we understood what these all meant, we went on a materials hunt! We went both inside the classroom and outside in the courtyard. The children were very good at spotting the different materials. We looked at the way they felt, looked and sounded like when tapped against different objects. It was so much fun!

Can you name any other materials?

One comment on “Materials Hunt!

  1. Hermine 🎨 says:

    Your activity looks very fun.

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