May is also the month of Music!

One of the many strengths of our school is the wonderful music. We all miss this!

Mr Rees has therefore recorded one of our favourite songs for May, ‘The Happy Birds Te Deum Sing’, so  you can all sing along, following the words as he plays the piano. We hope this song will bring back wonderful memories of our annual Marian Procession.


If you would like to continue singing there are some more ideas below:

Sing Up

This has some of the songs we have sung at school on it with backing tracks and words.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Ten Pieces

You will be familiar with this site from your Home Learning activities.

Out of the Ark

You will recognise many of these songs from school -now you can sing along at home too!



4 comments on “May is also the month of Music!

  1. Hello,
    I will definitely try one of these websites, thank you.😀

  2. Regan, Erin & Orla says:

    Hello Mr Rees, thank you! Music is such a huge part of St Vincents. We have just listened to this and were transported straight back to school!! We wish we were all there.

  3. Hello Mrs Rees thank u for this. When I heard this I remembered how much I missed singing at St. Vincente and orchestra. Also its not the best May but this song makes me feel like it is.

  4. The Carville Family says:

    Thank you so Mr Rees. We had been singing “Queen of the May” and remembering last year’s beautiful service at St James. You must have read my mind as I thought it would be lovely if we could hear some of the music from it. We will have fun singing this song too. Hope you and all the teachers have a well deserved break over the half-term. Love the Carvilles.

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