Mental Health Awareness Week

This week was mental health week! 

Year 4 enjoyed some wellbeing activities to help us wind down and connect with ourselves and nature. The class had some brilliant discussions about why we should take time to look after our mental health and ways we can look after each other if we are feeling down or anxious.

We began the week by spending our afternoon to sketch some still life. We used charcoal crayons to recreate an image of a vase full of spring flowers. 

On Thursday the class decorated plants pots with gems, glitter and metallic paint pens! There were so many fabulous designs.

Friday was a time for us to connect with our animal spirits! The whole class dressed up for wear it wild! There were leopards, and elephants, a rabbit, zebras and even a giraffe (head over to the Wear it Wild post to see more pictures of our class)!

Finally we spent some of our Friday afternoon planting broad bean seeds inn the pots we decorated. We had to lay down some paper so the soil didn’t drop out (we used scrap paper) and then dug a little hole in our soil for the seed and watered it.

It was a fantastic week to spend time thinking about mental health and finding ways to reconnect with nature. 



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  1. I was on the blog and i found all this fun i hope it happens again

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