Year 5 went to see a show called Mission to Space at the Science Museum this week and we had a brilliant time learning about space exploration. We learned about how our ideas about space have changed over time and we got to experience live demonstrations, as well as a rocket launch! Some of us even got to participate in the demonstrations on the stage.

After the show, we explored the ‘Exploring Space’ gallery, which included actual spacecraft that has journeyed to and from space. We got to see inside Tim Peake’s ‘Soyuz’ spacecraft in which he travelled to the International Space Station. We also saw rockets, rovers, landers and satellites in this amazing exhibition.

Using the activity trail worksheet, we searched for the following items and found out a bit more about them: the USS Enterprise Model, a Yuri Gagarin bust, the Hubble Space Telescope model, a life compartment model, a space nappy, a bio belt, a space shuttle model, moon rock and a coke can.

After we had lunch, it was time to head back to school and reflect on all the fascinating things we learned about space travel today. Space travel looks like an amazing experience and a lot of fun but it definitely doesn’t look easy!


13 comments on “Mission to Space at the Science Museum

  1. I loved this trip. There were lots of interesting things to explore and learn about. It was very fun!👍🏻😄🤩

  2. Olivia y5🦄 says:

    I loved going to the science museum!
    It is amazing that we get to learn about so many different things on the wonderful trips that the teachers take us on.

  3. Gabrielle🖋 says:

    Thank you for bringing us to the science museum. I find that museums are very fun ways of learning. It was very fun.

  4. Louise Y5 says:

    The Science Museum was so fun. I loved learning about different planets, the galaxy and facts about the solar system.

  5. Jaidee🎀 says:

    I liked going to the science museum because i enjoyed finding different objects on our space station checklist .

  6. Juliet Year5:) says:

    It was really fun and got to learn plenty of things!!!!!!!
    What I really loved was when we did the experiments and to learn more about our solar system!

  7. ✨Isabella says:

    This was the best school trip so far. Science is one of my favourite subjects. I loved the space show especially when I got to be part of a demonstration .

  8. Tomi Year 5 says:

    Even though I wasn’t there I have already been there before so I know you guys had a wonderful time

  9. I honestly thought that this was the best trip I’ve ever been on!! It was so fun and educational.

  10. I loved this trip so much. I love seeing all the wonderful things in the gallery while finding the things on my leaflet.

  11. The holographic images looked so imaginative.

  12. That looks so fun and fascinating!😀😀

  13. Hermine Year 3 says:

    Your trip looks really fun and fascinating !

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