Online Safety Assemblies

Belinda came in today to talk to everyone about Online Safety in their Key Stage Assemblies.

In the EYFS and KS1 assembly, we watched a video about Jessie and saw what she does if she is watching something online and then something unexpected happens. Belinda reminded us that we must always talk to an adult if that ever happens, but it is even better to always use a device with our adult so that we can watch and play together. If we ever feel worried, scared or sad then we must always tell an adult. Click here to watch episode 1 again. There are more you can watch with your family at home too!

In the KS2 assembly, we thought about our responsibilities online and how everything we do has a ripple effect, whether that is when we do and say kind things, or whether we say unkind things. We talked about how messages can mean different things to different people and so we have to be very careful with the words that we choose to use online. When we post something online, it is there forever (our digital footprint) and so we must always remember to be positive, kind and considerate. We also looked at games, and how to be kind and friendly in games. We can do this by playing with friends and helping our friends to complete the tasks, but we must check the game guidance (such as age restrictions) and only play with friends we know in real life.