Online Safety Coffee Morning

Thanks you to Belinda Evans, 3BM, who lead a very informative Online Safety session for parents this morning. The discussions were very helpful, as were the links to further resources. Some top tips for parents were:

  • Get involved with your children online
  • Talk about the problem of giving out personal info or making information public
  • Understand digital footprint
  • Set boundaries / build self esteem
  • Would you show image / message to teacher / grandparent / adult?
  • Make sure children know who to talk to if they feel uncomfortable
  • Talk to your children about what to do if they do come across something unpleasant.
  • Use child-friendly search engines
  • Use browser tools – Bookmarks & View History
  • Install filtering (but don’t rely on it)
  • Monitoring software?
  • Find appropriate sites to visit and try not to overreact if accidents
  • Know your devices – imessage!

Belinda used the Parentzone guidance which helps us to become confident digital parents.

Confident digital parents are democratic, warm and supportive, flexible and offer high standards and guidelines. They:

  • Set rules and boundaries
  • Have high expectations and offer high levels of support
  • Are warm and nurturing
  • Use measured and consistent punishment

Confident digital parents raise children who are more likely to:

  • Be more resilient online
  • Self-regulate
  • Come to their parents with issues

If you have any question about online safety please speak to Miss Coleman or look at our Online Safety page which is regularly updated with helpful advice and information.