Whilst schools are closed it it likely that children will spend more time on their devices. This is recognised by the Department of Education who in the Information for Parents and Carers about the Closure of Educational Settings suggest some useful links to help parents and carers to keep their child safe online:

As a school we work very closely with the London Grid for Learning and some of their resources are below to offer you support during this time.

Children are bound to spend lots more time on devices during school closure. DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUT IT – lots will be schoolwork or catching up with friends. But there are ways to keep them safe, healthy and happy.

Six Top Tips For Parents To Keep Children Safe Online During School Closure


Every day a new DigiSafe Daily downloadable worksheet is now available at digisafedaily.lgfl.net for parents of primary pupils to download and use at home. Each day parents & pupils will find a new tip to remind them about staying safe, together with a quiz question and reminders to get active & creative, with the answers available  on the next day’s sheet. The first ten are below for your reference.

Digisafe Daily Day 1

Digisafe Daily Day 2

Digisafe Daily Day 3

Digisafe Daily Day 4

Digisafe Daily Day 5

Digisafe Daily Day 6

Digisafe Daily Day 7

Digisafe Daily Day 8

Digisafe Daily Day 9

Digisafe Daily Day 10

And don’t forget that there is wealth of advice on the school website Online Safety page.

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