P.E. With Joe

Whilst you are having to stay at home it is really important to stay as active as possible and to try to participate on some daily exercise. One way to do this , as we have promoted on our Home Learning page and our suggested Home Learning Timetable, is P.E. with Joe Wicks. You can follow this live every morning at 9:00 a.m. on Joe Wicks YouTube channel-or you can can watch the saved version on the internet and take part at a time that works for your schedule. We have included a link to the first exercise class from last week. Do let us know if you’re joining in!

3 comments on “P.E. With Joe

  1. I’ve joined every episode. I would recommend it to anyone .?

  2. Mrs Akhtar says:

    I have Joined all the episodes only missed yesterday’s one,
    What about all of you?

  3. Amarissa says:

    I find it pretty fun for me!

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