This term our inside PE lessons are focused on Gymnastics!

Our first two lessons were focused on different ways we can move our bodies, negotiate space and develop and combine travelling movements into routines with a group of peers.

This lesson was focusing on key and important gymnastics poses. The class learnt eight different beginning poses, that all had to be held or supported in different ways. Some of the poses were using just their arms or stomachs to support their weight as they held the pose for ten seconds. These poses were difficult but very important to know and practice for our future gymnastic lessons.

Year 1 tried very hard to demonstrate all of these poses, and did very well! Everyone listened well and tried their best to master these poses. We will be using them for the rest of the term in our PE lessons. In further lessons Year 1  will learn to develop stability and control when performing balances, and thinking about how to use their muscles to tense and support them to hold poses for a longer time, or to hold new and harder balancing poses. Year 1 will also practice balances in varying ways such as using equipment and balancing on different levels or body parts.



6 comments on “PE: Gymnastics

  1. I really loved our gymnastics because we got to choose our own gymnastic skill.

  2. well done year1.

  3. I really enjoyed doing gymnastics.

  4. I had so much fun doing all the different shapes. I learned so much.

  5. Isabella RH says:

    I really loved the bit when Viviana and I were in a group together and we got to make our own gymnastics routine together. I loved the bit when Viviana chose star position and I chose jogging position.

  6. I enjoyed our gymnastics class. My favourite exercise was sliding up and down

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