After their final session today, the children in both of the Performing Arts Club groups put on a performance for their families.

They performed amazing poems, songs and dances. The audience were so impressed with how well the children had learned their dances and words and how accomplished their dancing, singing and acting is. KS1 performed sketches, songs and dances about the British summer and KS2 performed sketches, songs and dances all about St Vincent’s Fest (which we all agreed was much better than Glastonbury!)

We are very lucky to have such talented teachers from ‘Toucan Roar’. Thank you to Louisa for all her hard work and teaching us this term and to Adam for leading Toucan Roar. They always says what very talented children we have at St. Vincent’s  and we all got the chance to see this for ourselves today. 

Well done to everyone who performed today.

Performing Arts Club will start again after the holiday. See you there!

Please contact the school office if you need the password.

4 comments on “Performing Arts Performance

  1. It was so fun. I was so happy and nervous at the same time. thank you Louisa for TEACHING US!!!

  2. I loved doing the show so much and it was so fun.
    I was so exited to do it and when I was doing the show I was so nervous.
    I hope to be in Performing Arts Club again next year.

  3. Alexandra Y3 🥰😍❤ says:

    Nice performance everyone! 👏 👌

  4. Khloe⭐️ says:

    I loved it so much! It was so stressful performing in front of loads of people. Thank you for teaching us Louisa. I hope to come back next year!❤️

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