This week in our Physical Development session, we focused on the skill of throwing and catching a ball with a partner.

We warmed up our bodies by playing a game called puddles where we travelled around the space and jumped into different hoops when we heard the word ‘rain.’ We practised travelling in different ways and focused on moving around the space safely.

We developed our throwing and catching skills by trying different activities…

In pairs we shared one ball. We imagined the ball was a rain drop and explored bouncing the ball to our partner. We tried bouncing the ball really high for our partner to catch. We then explored bouncing the ball low for our partner to catch.

We then built on this activity by adding a hoop and practised dropping the ball (raindrop) inside the hoop (puddle) for our partner to catch after one bounce.

Finally, we practised the skill of controlling the ball with a partner. We rolled it to each other remembering to use accuracy and control with each roll.

We showed lots of perseverance with the skill of catching as it was a bit tricky at times!

5 comments on “Physical Development: Throwing and Catching

  1. I Like doing PE.

  2. I love catching the ball 🤩🥰😍🥰

  3. Ferdinand says:

    I like bouncing the ball to the floor to let my partner catch the ball.

  4. PE was fun. super duper fun. I love to throw and catch.

  5. Alexandra Y3 says:

    That looks like a lot of fun.

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