Dear Prospective Parents,

Welcome to the St Vincent’s Primary School! Thank you for visiting our school website, we hope you enjoy finding out about our school.

We are the School Council and we have worked together to make this video to show you all about our school. We’ve tried to include everything we think is important as well as our favourite things about the school. 

Every day at school is busy as there is lots to learn and do. There are fun lessons where we get to learn lots of different subjects, healthy lunches (with a treat of fish and chips on a Friday!) and even more activities after school with all our after school clubs. We are a Catholic school and so we have time each day for assemblies, class prayer time and some special masses. We love playing with our friends and having fun too! 

We like to welcome our parents into the school as often as we can and there are lots of ways to get involved once you are part of the St Vincent’s family. 

If you would like to find out even more about the school, then please look at the other news posts on the website to see what we have been up to recently. There is also more information on the New Arrivals page. Miss Coleman leads tours around the school so that you can see what school is like in person. If you would like to join a tour, please email Mrs Lynch in the office: 

We hope you enjoy our video!

Yours Sincerely,

The School Council.

29 comments on “Prospective Parents Video

  1. My favourite thing about our St. Vincent’s school is the fact that we all treat each other like a family. This is because our teachers are always kind, caring and friendly to all pupils in the school, and they always make sure we are learning something new every day. They support us to become a better person than who we are now and never leave us out of any class activity. However, not only the teachers in the school are friendly, but the pupils in every class too! It is very interesting to make friends and socialize with one another, which is why we are all treated as a family.Another thing I like about our school are the fun trips our class teachers prepare for us. I appreciate them a lot as we are very fortunate to have and do different activities outside of school as well as learn something new from each trip we take.

  2. The thing I like the most in St Vincent’s is that we have trips. We also have discos with DJs that put music for us to dance. I also love ❤️ the mass with priests. The last things I like about the school 🏫 is that we have art, singing and playing on our roof where we can see BT tower, the Shard and lots of other buildings. Thank you for choosing our school for your children!

  3. The thing I enjoy most at St. Vincent’s is the teachers and pupils. This is because they are all welcoming and are always there to be for you and help you. They want you to have the best time at school and all the teachers want us to have the best education. St. Vincent’s is a great school.

  4. My favourite thing about our St Vincent’s school are the science lessons because we do really fun topics such as space, plants and much more! We also do fun experiments like growing a plant, the bread experiment and making a car by ourselves! I also like the art because we can use different techniques such as: water colours, oil paints, clay and magazines (for collage). Another thing I love about St Vincent’s are the trips! We get to go to Lego Land, Sayers Croft, Broadstairs, museums and Wintershall.

  5. What I like the most about St. Vincent’s Is that we have amazing trips in Key Stage 2 and lots of fun activities at the end of a term related to what we learnt in it. For instance, I am in Year 5 and I learnt about Ancient Greece this term so next week my class will make a Greek Feast, where the food is made by us!

  6. Catherine says:

    My favourite thing about our school is that every child and teacher is very friendly. We welcome your child into the school and your child can make lots of new friends and play all together in our playground with a wide range of activities.

  7. Chloe K Y5 says:

    My favourite thing about St Vincent’s is that we have lessons on our health and we have many workshops about different parts of our health. We have a mind workshop teaching us about our mental health and they tell us about the different signs of our emotions and how we can deal with them. We also have 2 P.E days making us fit and fresh for the day and we also have our own coach. Also as a Catholic school it’s nice that we have mass together in the hall. We also visit the Church for special occasions and perform, for example in the Easter Celebration, we perform the death of Jesus. Unlike many schools we have a playground on the roof where we can play football, basketball, tennis, skipping and playing other games with our friends or even reading a book.

  8. My favourite thing about this school is that we all come from places all around the world and we make sure that everyone feels welcome. We are all treated equally no matter what our skin colour. Also in year6 we get to do a big D.T activity which is really fun;)

  9. camila Y3 says:

    My favourite thing about the St. Vincent’s is our trips. I enjoy seeing all the different things. I really like our singing lessons, art lessons, the mass with Father Christopher, the DJs that do the disco. Thank you for bringing your child to this school.

  10. Sebastian says:

    I loved participating in the school video. It was 🤩 amazing!

  11. Gabrielle🦋🌈 says:

    Well done school council it really is inspiring for new people and I can see you really have put a lot of effort in to it.
    Well Done

  12. Khloe yr 2 says:

    I love the St Vincent School trips that we get to all enjoy and have fun at. I also love to do the maths lessons because it teaches me my addition my subtraction my division and times tables. I really enjoy it here at the school and I hope everyone else does as well.

  13. My favourite thing about our school is that we have loving teachers that will support us with stuff that we don’t feel confident about and will help us with work.

  14. I love 💖 this school!!!
    Every one treats each other with the same respect and together we make a huge loving family. 👩‍❤️‍👩 The family that God wanted us to be. The family that makes you feel welcomed and at home 🏡!!!

    From Tijne

  15. Hii, I love this school so much, I used to go to this school 3 years ago and I miss it a lot. It’s nice to see some familiar faces.
    from Ayako

  16. Graceanne y6 says:

    This school is amazing, I love EVERYTHING about this school. I feel safe and happy where I am and if I could change it I would do nothing because this school is the best place I could ever be.

  17. What I like most about this school is how kind and helpful everyone is, I also like that everyone helps one another to achieve all that is possible ! Our whole school community is very supportive and encouraging and there are so many clubs and activities to take part in. I am really going to miss St Vincent’s when I leave next September!!

  18. Well done everyone!

  19. My favourite thing about our school is we’re all a school family. We treat each other with love and respect.

  20. Alexandra Y3 says:

    I love my school because we have a very kind headteacher, amazing teachers who are all very happy, kind, caring and fair. The activities like book fairs, sports, creativity, arts, school trips, international events, class assemblies, church celebrations, music concerts and discos are all top class. We have after school clubs to cater to every child’s interests.
    There are so many nice things about my school. I feel blessed to be part of the SV family.

  21. I love our school and all the teachers that work at our school. Mr Aitken is a very funny teacher and Mrs Akhtar is a very good assistant teacher in year five.

  22. Alexandra Y3 says:

    We have so many different lessons like science, geography, history, art as well as English and maths. RE is another important class that we have and enjoy very much.
    Our sports lessons are very enjoyable too! We have football, basketball, yoga, fitness class, intersports and much more…
    Our school has a lot to offer!

  23. St Vincents is such a great school. I should know, because I have been in the school family all the way from Nursery to Y6!! It seems like the years have simply whizzed by, but I will never forget the wonderful memories and friends I’ve made here. I will be very sad to leave!!!

  24. St Vincent is such a great school. I should know because I have been in the school family all the way from Nursery to Y3!!!! I like St Vincent because I like going on trips that the teachers have organised for us!

  25. Olivia y5⚡️ says:

    I love our school. We all treat each other with respect and equality!

  26. Camila🥰 says:

    I really love our school! My favourite thing about our school is that we are all a school family.

  27. Madeleiney4 says:

    What I love about St Vincent’s is the great things we learn about.

  28. What I like about St. Vincent’s is that I love learning new things.

  29. I love that we can learn history!

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