This week in Year 4, we have exploring the Sacrament of Reconciliation in our Building Bridges topic within Religious Education.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation allows people to confess and acknowledge their sins, seek forgiveness and be reconciled to God and one another. 

In our first lesson, we looked into what the term ‘contrition’ meant and found out that it is when someone shows that they are sorry for any sins that they may of committed.  We read the scripture of Matthew 5: 23-24 which explains how we need to truly make peace with others before we can ask for forgiveness from God. We then discussed how we could live the message of the scripture out in our daily lives.  

In our next lesson, we held a whole class liturgy which allowed us to have time to to reflect and pray to help us build a bridge to God and Jesus. We worked in small groups to practice reading a piece of scripture before reading it out loud in front of the whole class. We then asked our classmates why they thought the scripture was special and how could we learn from it. We then ended our class liturgy with a short prayer and some time for individual reflection.  

Well done Year 4 on your whole class liturgy, you all read beautifully and discussed the scriptures with such wise words.

What have you learnt about the Sacrament of Reconciliation so far?

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  1. Reconciliation is such an interesting topic in RE. You learn so many facts and get to read the beautiful words in the scripture.

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