On Friday, as part of our learning in RSE, we have been learning about personal relationships. We have been identifying special people in our lives who we trust, and came up with our ‘super special squad’. Most recently, we looked at treating others well. We learned about how our behaviour can affect other people.

To understand more about this, we watched a clip of two monsters, where both of them were very unkind to each other. The red monster called the blue monster ‘Shorty’ even though he made it very clear that he doesn’t like that name! Unfortunately though, Rory reacted by being unkind back to the red monster. Both of them made bad choices and we spoke about what they could have done differently to make sure that they did not upset each other. We were very sensible with our discussions and made it clear that we understand what we would do in those situations.

After this, we discussed what makes a good friend and a bad friend and we worked together in our table groups to think about what a good friend might say, and how they might act. We represented some of these thoughts with drawings too and we then came back together as a class and each group shared their ideas and their work. We were all very brave to share our work and have been working hard to speak clearly and confidently with one another. The rest of us are always really supportive and have been showing respect through good listening too.

We feel very lucky to be part of our class, and we have been working hard to show kindness towards one another, both in the classroom and during playtimes. This lesson helped to remind us of all the things that we like about our friends, and reminded us of how we can continue to be good friends towards others in our class.

Well done for your hard work, Year 2! What can you to be a good friend to someone? 

9 comments on “RSE: What Makes a Good Friend?

  1. genesis y2 says:

    I love learning about being a good friend it really makes me happy. I hope that everyone is a good friend.

  2. Olivia y5 says:

    That topic sounds so exciting!

  3. I learned that every body has to be kind and caring to every one because we are all special!
    If you want people to treat you nicely you do it to them.

  4. Y5 Olivia🦄 says:

    I think that this topic sounds really fun!
    I love it that you learned all about how to be a good friend, I hope this lesson inspired everyone to act nicely with everyone.
    We were all made by God and we should respect our differences.

  5. I really liked the activity because we all leaned what a good
    friend is and what a bad friend is. This shows us that no one should treat anyone unkindly ,left out or meanly. It was really fun! I really enjoyed it and leaned so much about being a good friend and being a bad friend. It might be one of the best activityes I had in year 2.

  6. I loved the activity!

  7. That topic sounds fantastic!!! This topic is amazing that teaches you all about being a good friend and bad friend.

  8. I loved this activity. I know what a good friend is and a bad friend. A good friend is a person that is being nice to their friend but it doesn’t have to be your friend it can be someone on the bus. Like you can say you were playing with your friend at school (or outside)you can invite an other friend to join the game you are playing. If it is a two peoples game play a different one. If you fight on what game to play today you can play your friends game and tomorrow you can play your game with your friend. A bad friend is if you are not being nice to your friends (or one person). And you don’t let others play with you. If you just do a mean face and you mean it is not nice.
    Okay everyone.

  9. genesis y2 says:

    l love this topic

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