School Is Open On Monday!

Evacuation Update

Once again we apologise for the disruption on Friday  but the emergency evacuation of the school was necessary to ensure the safety of our pupils and staff whilst the gas leak outside the school was made safe. Thank you to everyone who responded so promptly to our request to collect the children. The staff and pupils were tremendous and calmly cleared the building within minutes. Well done!


We are pleased that the problem has now been made safe and can confirm that St. Vincent’s Catholic Primary School will be open again on Monday when we look forward to welcoming all classes (with the exception of Nursery who will join us later this month).


Start Times Monday 7th September

To begin with, children are having staggered start times. This is to enable us to complete a full induction with each class upon their return. Please also read the appropriate year group social story with your child to help them to prepare (links below).  Start times for Monday are below:

Soft Start Commencing Tuesday 8th September

Once all classes (apart from Nursery) have returned to school and completed their induction we will revert to a soft start for Reception – Year 6. The soft start will begin at 8 o’clock on Tuesday 8th September. Families may come to school any time between 8:00 and 8:55, as works best for the parents. During this time a light breakfast (banana and cereal bar) can be provided if needed, for a small charge. Children will be able to wait with their bubble in their classroom and complete quiet supervised activities, such as quiet reading, finishing work or chatting with friends, until the start of the formal day. We hope this will support families who need to get to work and families with more than one child at the school, whilst maintaining the staggered approach advised by the DfE guidance. Miss Coleman or Miss Carruthers will be at the entrance to welcome pupils and to administer hand sanitiser for children to apply before entering the premises. Parents will not be allowed beyond this point and we will be expecting all parents to support us by adhering to social distancing and leaving the vicinity immediately.

Please remember to walk, cycle or scoot to school where possible.

Meet the Teacher Zoom Sessions

During the Meet the Teacher Zoom Session the class teacher will explain the curriculum  and the particular routines for the class, with the opportunity to ask any general questions you may have. We will now re-schedule the  meetings that were suddenly postponed because of the evacuation and apologise for the inconvenience this caused but dealing with the emergency was the priority. We will also re schedule the meetings planned for today to allow us to focus on settling the children back into school. New Zoom invitations for the Meet the Teacher meetings will sent home by email. We look forward to ‘seeing’ you there.

It has been wonderful to see so many members of our school family and we are really looking forward to Monday. We have missed you. Welcome back!



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