We have been having so much fun in Nursery this week for Science Week. It started with a special assembly by Aveea, where Prem and Gabriella mixed vinegar and baking soda and showed us a little explosion. This helped us to understand that mixing different ingredients together can cause a reaction. Nursery then got to make slime in the creativity room with the team from Aveea. We started with PVA glue, and added baking soda. We stirred this together and then added red or blue food dye. Next we added borax and gave it a quick mix before putting it in our hands. It looked pretty slimey at this point so we were a little worried about the end result, but once we mixed it together properly in our hands  it all stuck together to make slime! We talked lots about the different ingredients we were mixing and how much of each was needed. It was a really great science activity with the leaders from Aveea!

Nursery have also been learning about the topic of Growing, and so to continue our Science week learning today Nursery got to plant their very own seeds! We started by discussing all of the vocabulary needed, for example soil, trowel, pot, seeds, water and sun. We started by putting soil into our pots up to the right amount. This was done with a trowel. We then packed the soil down a little and added our name marker so we know who’s plant is who. Next we planted two seeds in each pot, making sure they were pushed into the soil and weren’t too close together. We finished by spraying our seed with water from the watering can. We can’t wait to watch them grow for the next few weeks!

Have you enjoyed Science week so far at St Vincents?

3 comments on “Science Week in Nursery!

  1. Wow, Nursery your slime looks so good. I hope you had fun making it 😊

  2. Alexandra Y3 🥰😍❤ says:

    Future scientists! 👨‍🔬👩‍🔬👏
    Great job nursery! I hope you all enjoyed making slime and then playing with it.

  3. I hope you have been having a lot of fun and l really like your slime.

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