See you soon!

Today was the last day of school until further notice.

The children, as always, were an absolute joy to teach, despite feeling anxious about this uncertain world, missing their friends who were absent and upset that events they had been looking forward to (including SATs!) will no longer happen. Well done to you all-we are so proud of all that you have achieved.


Good luck to parents over the weeks ahead. We aim to stay in touch and to continue our strong partnership so that we can work together to support our pupils through this difficult time.  You are not alone.

Our staff  were committed to the end. We are truly so lucky to work with such a dedicated team who came in every day to provide an outstanding education to our pupils. We will try our best to continue to do this using the school website and look forward to seeing how we can make online learning really work.

The St.Vincent’s family will stay strong and whilst we will miss seeing each other every day, we will stay in touch and look forward to seeing you again. Stay safe. Take care of yourselves and each other.

                         Together through Christ we grow and learn