Welcome to Home Learning

On Friday all schools in England, including St.Vincent’s, closed until further notice. However we will still be working from a distance and supporting you during this time. Every child has been given a Home Learning pack with some activities to complete and we will be setting further tasks online, using this website as our main point of contact.

Generic activities that you can complete at any time can be found on our  general Home Learning page. Click here  

We will continue to update the Home learning page. Please let us know if there is anything more that you could find useful.

Every morning at 9:30 a.m. a number of questions and activities will be set on the Class Blogs. Please  check the Class page for your child and encourage them to respond.

Nursery page including Blogs

Reception page including Blogs

Year 1 page including Blogs

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Year 6 page including Blogs

Whole School Blog

Children enjoy having a routine and this is very supportive during a time when movement can be restricted. A suggested timetable is below for you to amend according to your own schedule. One of the first tasks for your child can be to design their own timetable. Visuals work very well too.

A number of children also asked for  a copy of the rainbow to use at home. This is here if you want to make your own Home Learning version. We look forward to seeing who gets onto the sun!

We do not underestimate the challenges of Home Learning. Please do not let this add to your stress at an already stressful time. Try to find the joy in our vastly different daily lives-read, sing, dance, play and talk together with those you are isolated with.  It’s important to stay healthy and this includes our mental health and wellbeing . Please see our separate news post with ideas for supporting this. Mental Health and Wellbeing

We miss you all and are  looking forward to reading your comments on the Blogs. All of your teachers will be commenting too.

Thirty Day Challenges

Bring some structure to playtime  by trying the 30-day Lego challenge that has been circulating on social media.  The plan outlines a daily challenge that you can set for the children, from ‘build a house’ to ‘design a new space rocket’.  By setting new tasks, children will see their old toys in a new way and be encouraged to think outside the box. Once they have completed these they can design their own set of challenges for the next thirty days, using Lego or other resources they have at home.