During Sikhism Week, Year 3 had the opportunity to visit the Khalsa Jatha British Isles which was the first Sikh Gurdwara in Britain.

During our visit we learnt about some of the history of how the Gurdwara. It was built in 1908 during a time when many Sikh people moved to the UK from India. Today Sikhism is the 5th biggest religion in our country.

Before we entered, we covered our hair and removed our shoes. We talked about some of the features of the Gurdwara such as the canopy above the beautifully decorated ‘throne’ for the holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib, and the Khanda symbols which can be seen all around the Gurdwara, both inside and outside.

Our guide then showed us how Sikhs bow to the Guru Granth Sahib when they first come to pray and we bowed in the same way to show our respect as well. We then walked around the throne of the Guru Granth Sahib so we could see it up close. There were many other special objects around the throne such as swords and flowers as a sign of faith and devotion. There were lots of people who came to bow and walk around the Guru Granth Sahib just like we had, who had come there to pray which was special to see. We got to hear some of the reading from the holy book, take part in a short meditation and hear some chants and instruments that are used during services.

Afterwards we saw the room where the holy book ‘sleeps’. As Sikhs believe the Guru Granth Sahib is the word of God, they treat it as they would a person. The room is beautifully decorated and comfortable, and the holy book is carried above the head at all times to show its importance.

Year 3 also learnt more about Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism and the other 9 Gurus who spread the message of Sikhism around the world. There were many important messages about the Sikh faith such as the belief that everyone is created by God and everyone is equal. We found many similarities between our own faith and the Sikh teachings.

The end of our visit was one we were very excited for. The Gurdwara is so special as it welcomes everyone to come and share a hot meal as one big family. Everyone sits on the floor and eats together, no matter is they are rich or poor, Sikh or not, man or woman, old or young. We had a delicious meal of rice, dahl and vegetables. It was wonderful to experience such welcoming hospitality. 

Thank you to the Khalsa Jatha for our visit and to all of the parents who gave up their time to come with us on the trip.

What was your favourite part of our visit to the Gurdwara?

5 comments on “Sikhism Week in Year 3

  1. Florence Y3🤗 says:

    I loved the Gurdwara and I liked listening to the music. It sounded amazing!

  2. charles year 3⚽ says:

    My favourite part of the Gurdwara was the lunch and when when we had to cover our heads.

  3. I liked visiting the Gudwara. It was very interesting and I would like to go again.

  4. I loved the Gurdwara and I thought it was interesting to learn about Sikhism.

  5. Alexandra Y3 says:

    The trip to the Gurudwara was amazing! I learnt so much about Sikhism. The music was so unique nlovely to listen to. The food was so tasty. The whole experience was excellent. Thank you for this trip.

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